Expand business globally

San Marco Group needed a digital transformation analysis to support company internationalization and growing business complexity. The company had trouble managing and distributing product information due to a fragmented IT environment inherited from the various systems used by the acquired brands of these systems was costly, complicated, error-prone, time-consuming in low value activities like repetitive data entry, with issues like data loss and redundancy.
As a result, they were looking for a solution that would allow them to deliver the right products data with the right product attributes to the right output channels while integrating with their entire infrastructure stack.

Their goal was to ensure company consistency in product information, company information, dealers network information, contents, assets and references. Consequently, the new digital strategy had to be characterized by 3 main features:

  • Manage in only one central repository all company and brands’ information (product catalogs, lists, dealers network information, assets, references) in 20 languages.
  • Create the first B2C eCommerce for the San Marco brand
  • Use the same technology stack to create the Company website as well as the websites for each brand.

San Marco Group, using Pimcore solution with PIM, DAM, MDM, is able to connect and share 72K products information (descriptions, characteristics, methods of use, technical information, security informations) of 6 different brands, allowing data exchange between heterogeneous networks in 20 languages to several external and internal systems.

The result is that today the Company independently manages:

  • 18 different websites
  • 4K dealers
  • an eCommerce directly linked to every retailer to fulfil the orders and payments
  • in store tinting machines software licenses;
  • digital assets, with a coordinated and consistent approach;
  • Multi language technical product sheet available in PDF format and accessible online as a service 

Now, thanks to those implementations, everything runs smoothly throughout the organization, improving day-to-day workflow and reducing time-consuming low-value activities like repetitive data entry.


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